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Transform your marketing from a money pit into a money-making machine

When you throw money at marketing that looks pretty but doesn't convert, you risk:

When you throw money at marketing that looks pretty but doesn't convert, you risk:

Losing Sales to Your Competition

Wasting Time on Trial-and-Error Marketing

Always Chasing Money Instead of Making Money

Struggling to Find New Leads

Together we'll do in a few hours what could take years on your own.

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing can do much more for you with less cost and effort.

We’ll analyze your current marketing methods, identify the gaps that are costing you sales, and provide you with a plan that is clear and easy to execute, made with profit in mind.

Design & Development

You only have a few seconds to grab one’s attention. If you confuse your customer, you’ll lose them to your competition.

We start each project creating clear and engaging messaging AND THEN support it with a fresh design. When combined this drives prospects to take action, allowing you to focus on what you do best to grow your business.

Ongoing Consulting

Get the ongoing guidance and personalized support you need to keep your marketing message relevant and consistent - ensuring continued sales growth.
"Stop Throwing Money Away on Ineffective Marketing. Start Making Money"
Let's talk about how you can start generating new leads today.

What do our clients say?

Hi, I am Cassie, and I am your Straight4ward Marketing Guide. I have a proven track record of success. But don’t just take my word for it.
Hear from other S4 Marketing clients in their own words...
Cassie Egli

No more hearing crickets

I was struggling to create the concise, ‘hit home’ kind of language I needed in my marketing message. Cassie collected really detailed information and gave me exactly what I needed the next day. I began having responses immediately where before, I had been hearing crickets. Cassie will help you express who or what your business is, clearly and concisely.”

Sharlene Halbert

Relationship Coach, Barcelona Spain

Expectations: exceeded

I hired Cassie to audit my Shopify store. In the one hour that I met with her, I learned more than the 10-week coaching session I had just finished. Cassie is straightforward, kind, and gives such great clear feedback. I was blown away at her services and will continue to use her. I highly recommend Cassie if you are looking for someone who really does do it all.

Danielle Erickson

Spoil Yourself Natural, USA

We found our “go-to”

Cassie has exceptional knowledge and continues to be a wonderful teacher to me in many ways. I knew I could always depend on her to treat my requests with a sense of urgency and 100% commitment. Her proactive approach to customer service is something my company values and is rare in this industry. I tend to avoid having too many projects with one vendor, but Cassie’s proficiency allowed us to do so, saving us money in the long run.

Sarah H.

The Gambrinus Company, USA

It’s The Best Money You’ll Invest To Grow Your Business

Transform your marketing from a money pit to a money-making machine

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We’ll Build The Foundation

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Watch Sales Soar

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Each misstep costs you

you can't afford

We've been there. We can help.

At Straight4Ward Consulting & Marketing we believe you deserve a thriving business that gives you financial freedom and personal fulfillment. In order to do that you need marketing that engages your ideal client and gets them to buy. The problem is, it’s stressful figuring out where to start and it’s discouraging when you keep spending and there’s no return on investment. It’s scary as one misstep can cost you time and money that you cannot afford, which makes it tempting to be like Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With The Wind and say, "I'll think about that tomorrow." ...

Let me help you make effective marketing your priority.

Cassie Egli - Storybrand Certified Guide


“The Top 4 Marketing Mistakes
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